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Getting Here

There are three ways of getting to Scilly - by ship, plane and Helicopter.

The departure points are Penzance (for ship & helicopter), Land's End / Newquay / Exeter (by plane).

Departure by plane - Skybus

Operated by Isles of Scilly Travel –
Land’s End airport: flight time: 15 - 20 minutes
Newquay airport: flight time: 30 minutes

Exeter airport: flight time: 1 hour

Departure by helicopter- Penzance Helicopters

Operated by Penzance Helicopters –
Penzance Heliport: flight time: 15 - 20 minutes

Departure by ship - Scillonian III
Operated by Isles of Scilly Travel –
Penzance: departs from ferry terminal. Sailing time: 2.5 hours
On arrival by plane or helicopter (St Mary's airport)

At the airport, shuttle buses meet all flights and will take you to Carn Ithen. All transfer information can be found here including the getting in touch information.

On arrival by ship (St Mary's harbour)

Your bags will be delivered direct to Carn Ithen for a small fee, provided you have clearly labelled them with our address and they are placed in the luggage container when you board at Penzance. You can then walk to Carn Ithen from the quay unencumbered. Walking will take about 20-25 minutes. Head towards the town, past the Co-op on your left, keep walking and when you get to a narrow gap with Bourdeaux Shop on the your left and The Galley on your right bear off to the right and keep walking up this road (Church Road). You will see the church in front of you, keeping the church on your left follow this road up and over the hill and eventually past Old Town Bay (on your right). At the end of the bay, there is a cafe on your left, turn left directly before it. This is Trench Lane and we are located on the right about 80 metres down.

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