Rental is from Friday to Friday, with entry to the apartment  after 2 pm.

If you arrive early we are happy to hold your bags.

Please note we only accept children over 12 years old and, sorry, no dogs.

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We will pencil it in whilst you get things like flights etc, organised.

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10th Apr-17th Apr     £790          Booked

17th Apr-24th Apr     £790          Booked

24th Apr-1st May      £925          Available

1st May-8th May       £925           Booked

8th May-15th May     £925          Booked

15th May-22nd May  £1,085       Booked

22nd May-29th May  £1,085       Booked

29th May-5th Jun      £1,085       Booked

5th Jun-12th Jun       £1,085       Booked

12th Jun-19th Jun     £1,225       Booked

19th Jun-26th Jun    £1,225       Booked

26th Jun-3rd Jul       £1,225        Booked

3rd Jul-10th Jul        £1,225       Booked

10th Jul-17th Jul      £1,225       Available

2020 continued

17th Jul-24th Jul      £1,225         Booked

24th Jul-31st Jul       £1,225       Booked

31st Jul-7th Aug       £1,225       Booked

7th Aug-14th Aug     £1,225       Booked

  14th Aug-21st Aug    £1,050      Booked

  21st Aug-28th Aug    £1,050      Booked

28th Aug-4th Sep      £1,050        Booked

4th Sep-11th Sep       £1,050       Booked

11th Sep-18th Sep     £960          Booked

18th Sep-25th Sep     £960          Booked

25th Sep-2nd Oct      £830          Available

 2nd Oct-9th Oct         £830         Booked

 9th Oct-16th Oct       £780          Booked

 16th Oct-23rd Oct    £780       Available

 Phone:​ +44 (0)1-720 422-917         Email: hudsons@carnithen.co.uk